What We Do


We provide a safe, welcoming space for confidential counselling with all of our clients—Adults, children, youth, couples and families. We work together with you to identify concerns, and explore solutions and strategies to manage the many challenges and transitions encountered in life.

Therapy/counselling can help clients address matters such as:

Therapeutic conversations are approached with empathy and openness. With children, we listen carefully to their perspectives, worries and concerns, and create opportunities that enable them to better express and understand their experiences. Within a trusting therapeutic relationship, our child clients are encouraged to assert critical thinking skills to consider positive solutions to the challenges they face.

Counselling/therapy may be helpful for a child to address the following issues, in addition to those listed above:
Family therapy/counselling is appropriate when facing an issue that is having an impact on the whole family. Each member may deal with the associated stress quite differently. In family therapy, we support families to have ‘difficult conversations’ together, to share uncomfortable feelings in a receptive environment, to brainstorm possible solutions, and negotiate a plan to address issues in an open and supportive way.

Couple therapy/counselling supports partners to attend to the unique dynamics of their relationship, and to explore sensitive issues. Similar to the goals of family therapy, couples may aim to improve communication, to better understand each perspective on various issues, to approach problems differently, and to work towards a deeper sense of satisfaction with their relationship.