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Therapy for Parent-Child Contact Problems

Separation demands significant changes in families, often beginning during the pre-separation period and extending through the physical separation of parents, during which time former spouses are challenged to redefine their relationship as co-parents, realigning parenting roles and responsibilities, and managing new family dynamics that emerge from the two-household reality. Most families are able to navigate their way through these changes, and maintain the parent-child relationships established during the marriage. However, in some families, children may begin to resist contact with a parent. This behaviour may occur for many reasons and varies in type and intensity. All of these situations are complex, usually with multiple individual and family systems factors contributing to the dynamics within which such parent-child contact problems emerge.

Family Focused Therapy (also referred to as Reconciliation Therapy)
At Connections, family-focused therapy is available to address parent-child contact issues. Such therapy is often court-mandated. All members of the family will be involved in the therapy at the discretion of the therapist with such goals as building healthier alignments, promoting critical-thinking skills, and improving strained parent-child relationships. Such therapy, sometimes referred to as reintegration or reunification therapy, may also be geared towards gradually reintroducing a child to a parent with whom they have lost contact.

Multi-Day Intensive Family Therapy
Multi-day intensive interventions are available for some families experiencing these difficulties. Each program is designed to kick-start the subsequent out-patient family treatment described above and usually required in these circumstances. Please see www.familiesmovingforward.ca for more information on this intensive integration service.